Amanda is a highly qualified intuitive energy healer and law of attraction coach, with over 20 years of experience conducted over 25,000 1:1 sessions, this lady really knows her stuff. 


Amanda is a rare breed of a teacher, healer, business woman with a cheeky bit of sparkle thrown in, so it was my absolute pleasure to work on her brand. Her previous brand didn't feel true to her and we both agreed she needed to embrace her inner white witch and change the business name from her own name to White Witch Wisdom®. 


The colours and especially the 'sparkles' bring out the fun side of what it feels like working with Amanda. I cannot wait to see the White Witch Wisdom® in full flight; I'm thinking books, speaker events and perhaps a TV show......

"Working with Deborah on my brand was not only amazing but eye-opening. Until I began working with her I hadn’t released the true depth that a brand actually conveys. During Deborah's process, it became very clear that my old brand didn’t convey the depth of my 20 years experience and professionalism as a healer and teacher.


With her guidance, I realised that I actually needed to embrace my inner white witch and change my business name from my own name to White Witch Wisdom®.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Deborah for a second. In her, you will find a highly skilled, experienced professional, who will not only draw out your true essence but will show you how to convey that essence into your branding thus attracting your ideal clients."

Amanda Farrar; Founder White Witch Wisdom®.

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